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About us

    Since 1996, Young Yun opened studio to prepare portfolios for those who apply to art colleges. We are an professional institute that have had students who have been accepted to Art Center, RISD, Pratt, Parsons, SVA, SAIC, Otis, and Cal-Art. etc.

We analyze the personal grades, techniques and skills, and match with all of the college application conditions.
After analyzing the results, we find the right major and the right college to prepare portfolios for our students.

We study and examine the uniqueness, ingenuity, creativeness, and the artistic sensibility of each student we teach, find the right major, and counsel our students to the right path. Every year, we compare and evalute every college conditions and hold a conference with parents and students regarding college tuitions, scholarship, and major to ensure every students acceptance.

With our successful history and accepted curriculums, we provide advanced educational systems. Our teachers provide personal training in class to expand the artistic knowledge of our students.

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